Assorted Logo Design

Branding & Graphic Design, 2017 - Present

Below is a collection of logo designs for various events and clients. 

Save Our Stages

Save Our Stages was an initiative started in 2020 to help assist live entertainment venues through the Covid pandemic.

I aimed to visually focus on a unifying element of the various venues that took part in the initiative. As a result, I based the concept for this logo on the pass out stamps that are given out at venues. With this idea in mind, I created a design featuring skewed typography and rough texture. Even though the initiative was organised by different venues, this logo unifies them all under one cause.

Haha Happy Hour Logo

Haha Happy Hour

Haha Happy Hour was a comedy night at The Comedy Store Sydney, where a beer was included with every ticket.

I represented this through designing a classic beer logo. I chose to mimic typical illustrations to create that visual language, and to distinguish the night from other typical comedy nights. Additionally, I represented the venue through the colour choices, and the circle frame.

Comedy Store Showcase Logo

The Comedy Store Showcase

The Comedy Store Showcase is the cornerstone event at The Comedy Store Sydney.

For this design, I referenced to typical comedy venue imagery through the neon image treatment. Additionally, I incorporated classic Comedy Store design elements, including the logo on the top left hand and the circle frame.

Valentines Day Showcase Logo

Valentines Day Showcase

The Valentines Day Showcase is an annual event at the Comedy Store, hosted and themed on Valentines Day.

In designing this logo, I was inspired by vintage stamps and seals. The aim was to create a logo similar to a seal on a love letter. With this in mind, I designed a clean lock up, and manipulated the Comedy Store logo to feature a heart instead of the usual chat box.

A Trip We Did Logo

Aunty Donna - A Trip We Did

A Trip We Did was a Youtube video series from the comedy act Aunty Donna.

I designed this logo to be  simple yet strong, and included an animated glitch for visual interest.

Sunday Setlists

Sunday Setlists is a weekly music event at the Factory Theatre, which focuses on bringing small local bands to one line up.

I designed this logo to look like a scribble or doodle that you may find on a used set list. The aim was to visually represent the unpolished, messy nature of small bands. As a result, I incorporated awkward typography with rough illustration marks to produce a scrappy, yet clean logo.

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