Assorted Event Posters


Below is a collection of my favourite posters I’ve designed for various events and tours. While the below showcases the primary poster, most events and tours also required a suite of social media assets to be created, and some also required large format outdoor artwork.

Daniel Sloss - 2020

Daniel Sloss’s art aimed to be simple & clear, using a visual pun through the faux silver treatment.

Rhys Nicholson - 2019

Rhys Nicholson was inspired by modernist 1960s design, resulting in a poster that allowed the photography to shine.

Matt Okine - 2021

Wanting to visually experiment, Matt Okine wanted bold colours and statement typography.

Tom Armstrong - 2022

Based on the idea of internal voices, Tom Armstrong wanted a poster that explores the themes of his show through surreal image manipulation.

Becky Lucas - 2021

Becky Lucas requested a contemporary fashion angle to her design, creating a visual joke paired with her show title.

Cameron James - 2021

Cameron James request a poster that played off 80s visual trends, while also referencing the content in his show.

Michelle Brasier - 2021

Michelle Brasier’s art aimed to be clean and type heavy, but with a hint of personality through subtle illustration.

Becky Lucas - 2018

Gen Fricker wanted a powerful poster that included multiple design trends, reinforcing her contemporary comedic style.

Rhys Nicholson - 2018

Rhys Nicholson wanted a minimal poster, with as much white space as practical – his way of standing out in the comedy scene.

Becky Lucas - 2018

Becky Lucas wanted to use similar handwritten typography to previous designs, while starting to move toward a cleaner visual brand.

Demi Lardner Poster

Demi Lardner - 2019

Demi Lardner request a design inspired by fantasy novels, creating a visual look as absurd and over-the-top as her comedy.

Brennan Reece Poster

Brennan Reece - 2019

Brennan Reece’s art presented a design challenge, resulted in a heavy image treatment that explored the duality of happy & sad through image quality.

Chris Ryan Poster

Chris Ryan - 2019

Chris Ryan requested a bold, yet clean poster. She wanted the poster to tell the story of her show, while positioning her as a polished comedian.

Matt Okine Poster

Matt Okine - 2018

After experimenting with his design the year previously, Matt wanted to return to clean typography and a simple design.

Cam Knight Poster

Cam Knight - 2018

By using custom spray painted typography, treated in a faux gold finish, this poster is both grungy and polished.

Dead Prez Poster

Dead Prez - 2019

This poster uses contemporary design trends to modernise the rap duo.

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